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From Cwash’s travel journal

11st January 2022

Happy New Year everyone!! Although I’m a bit late… We haven't heard from each other for a while ... since last year! hahaha… hahaha… ha… okay okay, no more silly jokes.

How are you? I'm good, actually very good! I just came back from another gorgeous trip and I'm still super excited!

I don't know if you've seen it, but I've been in the USA !! And it was great!

Of course, I was not alone: Simone, Francesco, and Enrico (the engineer who collaborated on my creation) were also there.

We didn’t go to the USA for a quick vacation, although it would have been nice, but for a business travel: for the first time we attended CES in Las Vegas, the most influential Tech exhibition in the world, as a member of the ICE - the Italian Trade Agency.

Are you curious to know what happened? Great, let’s talk about it!

Where do I start?

As I told you, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has been held every year in Las Vegas for more than 50 years and it is the reference point for launching new products and innovations in the technological sector. You can therefore understand what an honor it was for all of us when ICE chose Plus Biomedicals and Cwash as one of the 40 Italian startups that could join the fair as a part of the Italian pavilion.

And if you are wondering who ICE is, here is the answer to your questions: ICE is the agency that deals with the promotion and internationalization of Italian companies abroad and is the body through which the Government favors the consolidation and economic and commercial development of Italian companies on foreign markets.

Not bad, right?

But now, let’s go back to my experience in Las Vegas: it was a success!

I know, you will say, it is obvious… but it is not actually! Because like everyone else, I also suffer from a bit of performance anxiety, you know. And if at MEDICA in Dusseldorf (if you missed the article, you can find it here) I had in front of me an audience of professionals who were therefore already familiar with issues concerning health in general and more specifically on oral care, at CES most of the people to whom Francesco, Simone and Enrico introduced me were final consumers, just like you who’s reading this, and therefore you know well that the judgment of those who use me in first person really matters to me!

We received a lot of feedback: lots of curiosities as usual about how I work and how I can guarantee correct oral hygiene. It's normal, everyone wonders ... I understand that if I tell you that you can brush your teeth with me without any water and toothpaste, your first reaction is going to be amazement. But don't worry, I will never, ever get tired of repeating this to you. :-)

I was pleased to see that all the people we talked to, once explained what my 4 strong points are (you remember them, right? 1. No more water or toothpaste 2. Only 30 seconds 3. You can use me anywhere 4 I’m smart), everyone immediately perceived what kind of benefits and improvements I could bring to their daily lives and those of their friends, relatives, colleagues.

And this is priceless to me!

Not to mention that once again, I had the opportunity to test my performance during the interminable plane trip, the very long days at the fair, the evenings in Las Vegas. Small, practical and fast, I was always there: in Francesco's backpack, in Simone's briefcase or in Enrico's pocket.

And now, what will my next adventure be now? Perhaps, I can tell you a little spoiler ... at the beginning of May I will participate in another fair.

I know what you are thinking: "Another one? Where?!".

Well, yes another fair, but this time it will be held in Italy, in Bologna ... Do you know what fair I'm talking about? Exposanità, the fair for the innovation of health services.

Now… I have to go and start preparing for my fair. See you soon!

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