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Cwash® support

In the support section you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Cwash®.

If you have any problems with your Cwash® and you can't find an answer in the FAQ, fill out the form below, our engineers will take care of your request!

How can we help you?

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How does Cwash® differ from competitors?

The product is pretty different.

Cwash® uses an innovative biomedical polymer that guarantees exceptional performance and the use of toothpaste and water is not necessary.

In addition, there is also a smartphone application.


Why does it only take 30 seconds?

Commonly, if you use a manual or electric toothbrush it is recommended to clean every part of the dental arch for 30 seconds, so it means 30 seconds for the right upper dental arch, 30 seconds for the left upper dental arch, 30 seconds for the lower right dental arch and 30 seconds for the lower left dental arch.

Cwash® cleans the entire dental arch at the same time, which is why it only takes 30 seconds.

Of course, if you wish, you can change the duration of the treatment.


How does Cwash® work?

The operating mode of Cwash® is simple and innovative . 

The bite, made with a gradual release polymer, combined with the micro oscillations of the bite itself (with adjustable intensity) allows an efficient and accurate cleaning of the entire dental arch.

At the end of the treatment, which has a standard duration of 30 seconds and can be adjusted according to the required treatment, it is not necessary to rinse.

The saliva produced during use can be swallowed.


How is Cwash® used?

Inside the Cwash® package there is the User Manual with all the details, but don't worry! Cwash® is really easy to use: just connect the bite with the device, press the on/off button and it is ready to use (according to the preconfiguration settings).

If you want, you can use the app to manage and change all settings.


Does Cwash® replace the traditional or electric toothbrush?

Cwash® cannot replace the traditional or electric toothbrush, but it is complementary: Cwash® is an excellent ally for oral hygiene care when you are away from home or do not have enough time to brush your teeth (even at home).

Cwash® is also perfect for those who are not autonomous in taking care of their oral hygiene: in these cases Cwash® is the ideal tool to promote autonomy and to improve the effectiveness of the treatments that are usually carried out.

Plus Biomedicals, which owns the Cwash® brand, is carrying out clinical trials with dentists and dental hygienists: they will determine whether Cwash® can definitively replace the use of the traditional or electric toothbrush.


What is meant by micro oscillations?

The principle of operation of Cwash® is based on micro oscillations: they are less intense than the classic vibrations of an electric toothbrush even if they have the same purpose.

Cwash® uses micro oscillations because, unlike the electric toothbrush which is maneuvered at will by the user, Cwash® works automatically.

For this reason we have chosen to use the micro oscillations which are more delicate on the teeth and gums and better adapt to the different conditions and sensitivities of each persons oral cavity.

If you feel that the intensity of the micro oscillations preset in the factory configurations is not suitable for your specific case, you can change the intensity (increase or decrease it) using the app.


The bite: what is it made of?

The bite consists of a gradual release polymer with additives: xylitol (chosen for its antibacterial properties) and menthol (chosen for the sensation of freshness).

The innovative bite, combined with the micro oscillations, allows efficient cleaning.


Should I bite the bite?

The bite should not be bitten during use to avoid hindering the oscillation of the bristles during the treatment and ruining the bite itself.

We recommend keeping your mouth ajar during washing to allow the bristles to swing properly.


When to recharge Cwash®?

If you use the application you need to visit the "Device page" and scroll down until you find the "Battery level" section.

If you are not using the app, a flashing led during the use will notice you to charge Cwash®.


What are the main functions of the Cwash® key?

Cwash® has a single button that can be used for different functions:

  • 1 click: on/off

  • hold down for 3 seconds to activate Config Modes - after holding down for 3 seconds the blue led will start flashing

  • press and hold for 8 seconds to signal the replacement of the bite to the device without using the app

  • hold down for more than 15 seconds and then release the key: it is used to restore the factory information.

The led blinks for 4 seconds to confirm the reset.


My Cwash® does not turn on

Plug the Cwash® into the power outlet using the power cord.

Once connected, check that the LED lights up: this allows you to understand that your Cwash® is charging.

Let it charge for at least 30 minutes before trying to turn it back on.


Where to find the serial number?

To request assistance through our form you need to enter the serial number of your Cwash®, which you can find:

  • inside the lid of the box containing Cwash®;

  • at the end of the application configuration screen.

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