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Cwash® is the most innovative tooth-cleaning device that 

doesn’t need the use of water or toothpaste.

Cwash® can be used everywhere and save your time!

It's small, easy to carry, ecologic, antimicrobial and it’s full of technology!


How does Cwash® work?

Thanks to the union of technological and biomedical research,

Cwash® is able to guarantee the correct oral hygiene.

The mode of operation of Cwash® is both simple and innovative.

The bite is made of polymer with gradual release combined with the vibrations of the bite itself (with adjustable intensity) allows efficient and accurate cleaning

of the entire dental arch.

At the end of the treatment, which has a recommended standard duration of 30 seconds and can be adjusted according to the treatment required, it is not necessary to rinse.

Any saliva produced during use can be swallowed.

It is recommended to rinse the bite after each use.

How Cwash® was born?

Cwash® project was born at the end of 2018 thanks to the collaboration between the co-founders of Plus Biomedicals and a team of experts in the field of dentistry.


The aim was simple: create a device that would allow people with reduced mobility, disabled, elderly or bedridden to brush their teeth independently and easily.

But soon we realized that Cwash® is much more: it is a product for everyone and that everyone should have!

Cwash® smartphone APP

Manage your configurations (such as the washing-cycle timer and vibration intensity) directly from the Cwash® smartphone APP!  

Get notified when it's time to replace your bite or it's time to clean your teeth and consult your metrics & stats.

Download now the Cwash® app on:

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