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A week with Cwash!

From Cwash's travel journal

10th August 2021

What a great week!

I'm still recovering from the amazing week I just had started with a bang and ended with… .. but I'll tell you this later!

First of all, have you seen how beautiful I am ?! Marvelous..?! Phantasmagoric ..?! Well, have you seen my new video?

Plus Biomedicals team and I never stop. We work tirelessly to make sure everything is PER-FET-TO.

Recording the video was a lot of fun: I spent the day walking around in many different places to show you just some of my thousand and more uses.

Are you curious? Here is the video for you .. and if you've already seen it, you can always watch it again;)

I have already seen it 100 times, but what do I say 100, it will be at least 1000 times!

I was so excited about the release of the new spot that the week flew by and without even realizing it I found myself with all the bags ready (thanks to the guys who work tirelessly in the production site of Plus Biomedicals) and so on Friday my first real trip started.

Now I'm writing to you while I'm traveling by car (don't worry, I'm not driving, I have a personal driver - like VIPs!): I'm crossing Italy to get to all the Italian backers who bought me through Indiegogo and then on Thursday I will take my first flight and I will travel all over Europe and then make a short stopover in Canada, then I move to the States and then off to Japan and India!

Ah, life’s pretty good!

If I can I will also try to rest a little because September will be an even more intense month because of my official release on the Italian market which will be the day…. Drum roll…. OCTOBER THE 11TH! Mark this date on your calendar because from 11th October you will find me in Italian pharmacies .. you will come to see me, right?

I’ll be waiting for the date!

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