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Along came...Cwash!

From Cwash’s travel journal

27th July 2021

You’re on time, as usual ... please admit it, you couldn't wait to know how the first part of my adventure ends. I could keep you hanging a little bit more ... but come on, okay, I'll tell you the grand finale of my story.

Do you remember where we stopped last time?

It was the end of 2019.

I was finally 3d printed for the first time. You will rightly say: "That’s it, It is done!" ... but no, not yet. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was I. Remember I was supposed to be PER-FET-TO.

Since that first draft I have changed a lot: Simone and Francesco continued to study and improve me and study me ... and improve me ... until I got my first final version at the beginning of March 2020.

Despite the pandemic that was - and is - bringing the world to its knees, they never stopped. Nothing could stop Simone, Francesco and the whole Plus Biomedicals team, not even a dangerous virus. They believe in me and so ... well, never give up, that’s what it is commonly said, right?

Now it was time to get out there because except for the Plus Biomedicals team, only very few people had been lucky enough to meet me. Almost no one, for example, knew how useful I would be: both for those who travel frequently and for people with disabilities. So Simone and Francesco decided to introduce me to the world through Kickstarter, a US crowdfunding platform often used to support innovative projects.

At that time I was almost ready and soon I would be known by everyone and everyone would talk about me. What a thrill! You have no idea!

And so on October 6th, 2020 I made my triumphal entry on Kickstarter ... for a month many backers had the opportunity to preview me and many chose to support the project.

Unfortunately we did not reach the goal, we collected about 14,000 euros out of the 50,000 we needed to start my production.

But we were not discouraged. The success on Kickstarter and the support of the very first backers gave us the motivation not to give up! The whole Plus Biomedicals team was convinced that I would be an innovative product and that I had to be produced and launched on the market at any cost. So Simone and Francesco, together with the whole team, decided to keep the project going.

It was a really hard time ... Simo and Vava have improved and improved me (and continue to do so), until I got my almost final version in March 2021.

The time was ripe to start a new overseas adventure: on 21st April 2021 I showed myself in all my beauty on the American crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

After a month of campaigning on Indiegogo, even if we did not reach the final money goal, we received a nice surprise: thanks to the 78 backers who had decided to invest in me, I would soon be ready to start my world tour and visit 13 different countries!

How exciting ... Do you know a trick to pack a suitcase for different weather conditions? How do I fit everything into a twenty-kilo luggage?

I’m joking ... I don't need such a big suitcase! I am small and slender - very sleek- and take up very little space. If you want, you can keep me in the pocket of your jacket! Seeing is believing ;)

And today ... well today, July 27th I'm really almost ready to go! I am waiting for my passport to arrive and then in a few days, I will leave. I can't wait, I'm in seventh heaven!

I realize only now, while I write to you that this is not the end of my story ... if you think about it, it is only the beginning of a new - exciting - chapter.

Do you want to come with me?

In fact, I would like someone that keeps me a little company and supports me on this long tour around the world .. also because to revolutionize the world of oral care I need - above all - your help!

Fasten your seat belts ... ready, steady ... and go!

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