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Am I right for you?

From Cwash’s travel journal

21st September 2021

Hi there! What a joy to realise that you are always on time to read my adventures.

I finally arrived from all the Indiegogo backers ... you can't imagine how happy they were.

But don't think my journey ended there.

From the 11th October, you will find me in Italian pharmacies: I will do the tour of the Bel Paese and I will come to visit you, and you will finally know where to find me.

But ... I know, I know, you've been asking yourself this question and you've been asking it for a long time: Am I right for you? Am I really the device you need? Let's find out together!

We are finally off! After intense weeks of work, your well-deserved vacation begins. Suitcase ready, passport in hand and run to the airport in the direction of ... Cuba, the Caribbean and Mexico! But hey, what are you doing? Don't you brush your teeth after eating at the airport or after the snack they give you on the flight? And when do you make the stopover? Of course, brushing your teeth in the bathroom of an airplane is not very comfortable ... but don't worry, Cwash will help you!

"Cwash, I kindly remind you of the meeting with Simone at 10" ... "Cwash, I set you up a meeting at 11 with ..." how many of us are always very busy during office hours? Some of you don't have time to eat, and those who do, don't have time to brush their teeth. But hey! I'm there, taking care of your dental care in just 30 seconds.

It's Monday morning. You didn't hear the alarm clock, you ate breakfast while you got dressed and you already had one foot out the door. And now you're in your car, stuck in traffic, hoping to get to your office sooner or later. Won't you think about brushing your teeth until tonight? Ok, we all wear a mask ... but you cannot brush your teeth!

You have undergone a delicate operation and for a few months you cannot get out of bed. This means you have to depend on family and relatives for everything. I know, you've always been used to doing everything by yourself and now you don't feel comfortable having a loved one brush your teeth. Moreover, being in bed, every time you brush your teeth is a disaster: you do not know how to rinse your mouth, where to put your toothbrush and toothpaste. But hey, then you remember seeing an advertising for a suuuper product that brushes teeth without water and toothpaste. What was his name... ah yes, Cwash!

Being parents is not easy, especially in this pandemic period where mothers cannot always count on the help of fathers, for example, for visits to the hospital or during childbirth. Not to mention when you come home and sometimes you don't even have time for a shower. How difficult can it be to brush your teeth while holding a baby? Your oral care must not fail ... and that's where I think about it!

You have the perfect date, you are sure she is the right one. It took you two hours to choose outfits and comb your hair. You go to the florist to get a bouquet of flowers and arrive at her house. You are about to get out of the car, you give yourself a last check in the mirror, smile and taac .. you forgot to brush your teeth and you have a piece of salad that has been standing there for who knows how many hours. Crisis, panic ... but no, I'm here! 30 seconds, clean teeth and fresh breath!

As you understand, I'm always there for you! In all the most important moments of your life as well as in your daily life ... a true friend, your ally for proper oral hygiene, in just 30 seconds and without water and toothpaste, your Cwash!

And you, do you think of other ways I could make your life easier?

Write it to me in the comments!

See you soon, Cwash

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