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22nd Febraury 2022

From Cwash’s travel journal

Tuesday has only one meaning… new and exciting discoveries with me!

And what news will I tell you today?

As you all well know, among the features that made me popular - briefly summarized here - there is one that often goes unnoticed, especially by less `”technological people”, but that is one of my unique traits.

Can you guess what it is?

…… suspense: my app! Yes, by going to the Play Store or App Store you can download the app for your Cwash® for free!

Since there are a lot of things to tell about my app, I didn't want to be alone telling you about it. With me, there is Enrico also, the automation engineer who helped Simone and Francesco with my design and who developed the Cwash® app.

You remember him, right? I had already told you about it here.

So I decided to interview Enrico for you, he will tell us some interesting anecdotes about the App and how it works.

Cwash®: "Are you ready to let everyone know the secrets of my ..."

Enrico: "Of ours ..."

Cwash®: "Yes, sure, about our application" - ehm, let's get off to a good start :-)

Cwash®: “So… let's get started! First question: why did you decide to develop an application? "

Enrico: “Our wish was not only to create a device to improve people's daily lives, but also to create a complete up-to-date product. By now we all live with a phone always with us, so it came naturally to us to think about developing the app. But the real challenge was to create Cwash® so that it could work correctly even without using the app! "

Cwash®: "What do you mean?"

Enrico: "I mean that it is now quite common to find devices that can be configured using an app, but we wanted Cwash® to be accessible to everyone, even those who don't want to use the app, and so we configured Cwash® in a way that it can work properly for its main purpose - brushing your teeth without water and toothpaste wherever you are - right from the first use, even without pairing it with the app. But of course, it is only by associating it with the app that you can make the most of all its features. "

Cwash: "And what are the main features?"

Enrico: “The most important is certainly the possibility of changing the device settings, such as duration and intensity.

Cwash®, in fact, is sold with the basic settings, a duration of 30 seconds, and an intensity of 80%. These then can be modified according to everyone's needs. The duration can be changed up to a maximum of 60 seconds, while the intensity can vary from a mild intensity to a more intense one.

Some other important features are: to view the statistics and therefore how often Cwash® is used and how many cycles have been done. This last information becomes very important to understand when it's time to change the Cwash® bite, which has a duration - as you know - of 100 cycles.

All this information can be really useful! "

Cwash®: "Why?"

Enrico: "Because in this way people can keep track of the use of Cwash®, understanding if they are taking care of their oral hygiene in the correct way"

Cwash®: "I know that you are constantly working to improve the app and that some important innovations have been launched at the beginning of the year. Would you like to tell us which ones? "

Enrico: “Sure! This year, thanks also to our participation in the CES in Las Vegas, we launched in-app notifications: one for replacing the bite and one to warn that Cwash® must be recharged "

Cwash®: "How does the" it's time to change your bite "notification work?"

Enrico: "When you open the Cwash® application, you automatically receive a daily notification that tells you that the optimal cycles for using the bite have been exceeded. And therefore, it's time to replace it. "

Cwash®: "And the one that indicates that the device needs to be recharged?"

Enrico: "As for the replacement of the bite, as soon as you enter the app, a notification appears indicating that it is time to recharge your Cwash®. The notification will appear only once a day. "

Cwash®: "And if the app has already been downloaded, how can I see the updates?"

Enrico: "Just go to the App Store or Google Play and check if there are any updates"

Well, I would say that Enrico was more than exhaustive… did you take note? Beware that I will test you!

Now I have to go, you know I have a lot of things to do, super innovative device things ... see you next time!

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