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Guten Tag!

Ich bin Cwash :-)

Ok, I will write in English! Sorry, but I’ve just come back from Germany and I'm still in the German mood!

Do you want me to tell you what happened?

"Yes, suuure!"

"I can’t wait!"

"Tell me everything right now!"

alright! These are the answers I like to hear !

First of all, what did I go to Germany for?

Brace yourselves: I attended my first trade fair! And I'm still super excited about how it went!

The emotion was really great for several reasons: first of all - an emotion also shared by the Plus Biomedicals team who came with me - attending an event in person after so many months of video calls, emails and phone calls.

Then for all of us it was really the first fair in which we participated as exhibitors and in which we had the opportunity to present all our products.

And, last but not least, as regards me specifically, it was the first chance when I presented myself to an international audience of professionals! Oh yes, because now all of you who have followed me for a long time or who already use me every day, you know me very well, but I had to "pass the test" in front of international distributors, doctors, purchasing managers, technicians and ... I proudly passed the exam with flying colors!

But before explaining to you in detail what happened in Germany, let me show you the photos of our stand!

Cool, right?

Now I'll tell you about my 5 days at Medica, this is the name of the fair I attended from 15th to 18th November, in Düsseldorf.

As I told you, I was not alone: ​​Simone, CEO and co-founder of Plus Biomedicals and Francesco, CTO and co-founder, were with me. You remember them, right? I had already told you about them and about our first meeting. And then there was also Fiordaliso, Head of Marketing & Communication and Filippo, physiotherapist with whom Plus Biomedicals is developing another product - very innovative - but that's another story!

As I said, I was in really good company and this gave me the chance to present myself in the best possible way and they helped me to answer all the questions and curiosities that visitors had about me.

Here are the most popular questions! And let's see if you know the answer ;-)

-Who am I?

As you can see, I was on display and so they were all attracted to my particular shape and many stopped to find out what I am for and how I work.

-How do I work?

Well, you know this pretty well , but for those who are new here

, we can take the opportunity to do a little review.

I am Cwash, the first oral care device that does not require any water or toothpaste. Thanks to my innovative bite, composed of polymer, menthol and xylitol, and to micro oscillations of the bite itself, in just 30 seconds I allow you to brush your teeth correctly, wherever you are.

- Is there really an app? Amazing!

Oh yes, everyone was really amazed when we showed how my app works and all the things that can be done, such as changing the intensity of micro oscillations or the treatment duration . And be ready because in just a few weeks some important news will be launched for the app! Stay tuned :-)

-But do I really work?

Of course! What question is that! As you well know, before I was born , the research and development work was so loooong because I had to be perfect and pass all the tests!

And then, the first results of the clinical trials that dentists are doing on me are already arriving to detect some important parameters such as halitosis, plaque index, gum bleeding and the results are very exciting ... but I will talk about this later.

-Where can I be purchased?

And you know how to respond very well to this too! In Italy, you can buy me here

And for abroad ... well, news of these very last days, I also have my e-commerce to allow all of you who live abroad to have me.

But at Medica I met some distributors from different countries of the world, who wanted to try me and who want to take me with them! Where exactly? Belgium, Switzerland, Colombia, USA, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Germany and .... enough, I won't tell you more because I'm superstitious :-)

Cross your fingers for me!

But I have not only been at the fair, I have also seen other very interesting places!

I visited the center of Düsseldorf and got on the Ferris wheel - what a sight! And how cold ... we went up after dinner and I must say that the weather was just what one would expect in Germany in November. And while the Plus Biomedicals team admired the view, what better time to use me than to brush their teeth after dinner? What more do you want from life?

Have you ever brushed your teeth on the Ferris wheel? I don't think so, unless I'm with you ;-)

Do you know Cologne? One evening we took a little trip there too: the cathedral of Cologne is really beautiful and impressive. And after a dinner based on typical German products, including beer and sweets, do you want to not brush your teeth while admiring the towers of the Duomo? So, here I am, ready and snappy as always!

Not to mention two places where brushing your teeth isn't exactly that comfortable: the airport bathroom and the one at the fair ... definitely not hygienic, impractical and easyl. But Simone, Francesco, Fiordaliso and Filippo never had to give up taking care of their oral hygiene, because I was with them!

And you? Do you want to take me on a trip with you?

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