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Read me! I’m new here ;-)

Some ideas can be only imagined and some others can be achieved.

Cwash's journey begins like this: from an "only imagined" idea that soon became an idea "to be realized". In this blog, we want to take a dip in the past and retrace with you all the steps that brought Cwash to be here with us.

But that's not enough… we also want to leap into the future, to show you all the adventures that Cwash is preparing for.

Are you ready to go with him on his fantastic journey? We leave the floor to Cwash who, thanks to his travel journal, will share curiosities, advice about the use, and updates with us!

From Cwash’s travel journal

29th June 2021

Today is a hot day, but my story began on a typical winter morning in December 2018.

Those who already know me know how I am these days, but how I was born is still a mystery. And above all, they do not know how much I have changed and how long it took to become the Cwash I am today :-) But from now on I will have no more secrets for you!

So, where were we? Oh yes, that cold winter day when I almost by chance (…or was it destiny?) met Simone Mora and Francesco Vavassori for the first time, whom I later learned to call Simo and Vava as you do with friends, the founders of Plus Biomedicals. Inspired by the input given by some experts in the dental field, Simone and Francesco decided that I would be me, that is, I would be Cwash. In short... they created me.

Of course, it was not a simple thing to do, they didn't wake up one morning and just said "Well, let's create the world's first oral hygiene device that doesn't require any water or toothpaste" nooo, that would have been too easy.

In the beginning, I didn't even have a name, I was just a concept, but not just any concept: I was one of those ideas that once get into your head, won’t ever come out... and after years of work and research: here I am!

It is said that we all come into this world with a specific purpose in life. Well, I can say that mine is very simple: revolutionize the world of dental care!

Ok, maybe it would be easier to say that I would like to conquer the world (by the way - why not?)...

It is known that brushing your teeth is a simple, daily activity that should be done at least three times a day. But what about you? As it is, oral care is not the most entertaining or sexy task, let alone if there are no clean and comfortable bathrooms near you.

And if you are bedridden for a long time or in a wheelchair, oral care is no longer so straightforward.

So let me ask you: do you really brush your teeth three times a day, every day?

So here I am... My journey began for this reason: to find a way to allow everyone to brush their teeth anywhere without water or toothpaste, quickly and effortlessly!

Are my ambitions high? Yes, and I will not disappoint you!

And that’s because - spoiler alert - I have already managed to achieve all the objectives I have just listed;)

Seriously, if you want to continue reading my diary you will learn more about me.

In the meantime, if you really can’t wait, you can take a look at the website and you will find some more fun facts about me.

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