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Why is oral health care important?

From Cwash’s travel journal

31st August 2021

Hi there,

I am writing you this postcard from my plane. :)

Now I'm somewhere over the ocean ... I've almost come from all the Indiegogo backers, just a couple of them missing.

My journey around the world turned out to be very fast, in a short time I traveled far and wide and I visited wonderful places ... It’s like I am Santa Claus, but in the summer version: Santa Summer or ... oh ok, don’t let’s stand here talking...

I have a question for you: how many times a day do you brush your teeth? Twice ... once ... NEVER !! ?? Nononooooo ... Do you know how important it is to take care of your oral hygiene?

Don't you know? Your Cwash explains it to you!

The smile is our best card: it is the first thing with which we approach other people. In fact, did you know that while we speak we show our teeth and smile on average 20 times per minute? Ok, I know that now you are talking and counting the times you smile :-)

Brushing your teeth, and more generally taking care of your oral hygiene, helps fight halitosis and other possible problems.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that oral cavity problems, such as common caries, can lead to a series of consequences for our health and, in the most serious cases, can even lead to heart and brain diseases.

It would therefore be good to brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal, (so at least four times!) and brush them for about two minutes, and use dental floss often.

It is not only my own opinion! Dentists and hygienists suggest these practices too: the mouth is the gateway to our body and we must guard it with due attention, to prevent bacteria and inflammations that affect the oral cavity from spreading throughout the body, paving the way for more serious diseases.

Is it clear now? Brushing your teeth is IM-POR-TAN-TIS-SI-MO, but for some people, it is also a very complicated action, because they can't do it independently or because they don't always have the right time and place. And this is where I come in, your super Cwash!

Thanks to my fantastic features (I remind you if you haven't memorized it yet, that if you choose me, I do not need any water and toothpaste) are the perfect solution for everyone. Small and easy to carry, I can be used anywhere and anytime, try it for yourself!

Now I have to say to you “see you soon”, I have to fasten my seat belt for the landing ... next stop ... I'll tell you soon!

With love,

your Cwash!

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