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Cwash®: an efficient help for decreasing your plaque index

From Cwash®’s travel journal

8th February 2022

Hi everyone! How are you?

January is finally over: it always lasts so long, doesn't it?

In a few days there will be Valentine's Day, the day of love ... little spoiler ... there will be some beautiful surprises ... but today we want to talk to you about something else.

Today I want to talk to you about what has happened in the last few months.

The whole Cwash® team, together with some dental hygienists and dentists have worked - and still are - on some important clinical trials.

Why? Simple! You already know that your Cwash® works - and very good - but in order to have more exhaustive and complete data we have decided to start a series of clinical tests on different aspects.

The first test I have been subjected to is plaque detection. Are you curious to find out the results?

Ok, but first let's take a step back: what is the plaque?

Plaque is nothing more than bacteria that attack the teeth and can cause tooth decay and bleeding.

The purpose of this test was to demonstrate whether my frequent use - your beloved Cwash® - could decrease the presence of plaque inside the oral cavity ... and of course it can!

Do you want to know how the tests took place?

I will clearly tell you about them in my own way, because I am not a technician, but if you want to read the report of the dentists and hygienists who carried out the tests, you can do it here

As I was saying, for this test a sample of 10 people was considered who used their Cwash® for a month, twice a day and always in a complementary way to their traditional oral hygiene (with an electric or manual toothbrush, so to speak).

At the end of the first test period - one month in fact - my performance was analyzed through a periodontal examination.

I invite you to read in detail the whole clinical study that you find here in order to understand how the tests were performed, but let me anticipate the results: after the first 15 days the plaque had decreased by 7%, while after the first 30 days of 8%. The total average decrease over the 30-day period was 16%.

What do you say? It's pretty satisfying as a first result, isn't it?

For the entire 30-day period considered, the initial level of gingival bleeding in most of the people involved was low and almost zero and remained so even in subsequent checks. What's more, in those people who were already prone to a significant bleeding index, the level went down.

And also of this I am - actually we all are - super proud.

But tests aren't over. In particular, this one concerning the plaque is continuing and in the coming weeks I will be able to update you on the results after 90 days of use… so keep following me!

If you have any questions or would like to find out some other curiosities about me, your beloved Cwash®, write in the comments!

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