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Which is the most popular question about me?

From Cwash's travel journal

25th January 2022

Here I am again!

Today I will be a little less witty than usual and a little more serious and professional, but I know you will love me anyway. :-)

It’s for a valid reason. As you know, in the last few months I have traveled a lot and met many people: from Medica in Dusseldorf to CES in Las Vegas, not to mention the Italian pharmacies and distributors abroad I'm getting confident with!

Today I want to share with you the answer to one of the most popular questions I've been asked lately and which concerns my functioning: what does gradual release mean? Why does my bite contain menthol and xylitol?

The answer is simple, but it requires some technicalities so I ask you to follow me in my reasoning.

As you well know, I was born with a very specific purpose: to allow everyone to brush their teeth without any water or toothpaste! The goal was by no means so simple and required several months of work by the entire Research & Development department of Plus Biomedicals. But the hard work led to finding the perfect solution: making a gradual release bite containing additives - in my case menthol and xylitol - that when they are associated with the micro oscillations, allow correct oral hygiene.

So far, you understand me, right?

But before explaining to you what "gradual release" means, I want to explain to you precisely how the bite is composed.

I know that often, at first glance, when I talk to you about a bite containing menthol and xylitol, which are the two additives, you imagine that the latter has been added at a later stage to the bite. Many imagine that they are drops or a liquid in which the bite has been soaked.

But it is not so. I have repeated to you several times that my real innovation is the bite itself and it is for this reason: my bite is composed of a special compound formed by a polymer - which, to be clear, is what gives it that solid and soft consistency at the same time - and by the two additives. Polymer, menthol, and xylitol are taken in the form of small granules, they are then mixed together and processed in order to obtain a homogeneous compound.

Allow me this comparison: it's a bit like when you mix all the ingredients together in a recipe. Once mixed, they are together, you can no longer separate them from each other and this also works in the case of my bite.

If everything is clear up to now, I'll go ahead, is that all right?

Now let's move on and talk about the gradual release: precisely because the bite is a single compound - as per technical term - when you insert it into your mouth and press the button to start the treatment, the bite with its micro bristles enters in contact with your saliva. The combination of these three aspects, namely a bite made with our compound + micro oscillations + saliva, activates the gradual release of menthol and xylitol.

It means that during the treatment - while I am working - the bite gradually releases menthol and xylitol which, associated with the micro oscillations, allow for correct oral hygiene. And this happens every time you use your Cwash, up to a maximum of 100 cycles per bite (but we'll talk about this another time).

Are you still there or did you leave after the first 10 lines? I know it sounds complex and indeed it is, but I have tried to explain it to you in the simplest and most professional way possible.

If you have the patience to read me another two minutes, I would also be happy to tell you why menthol and xylitol were chosen as additives.

Menthol has been chosen because, as also happens in common kinds of toothpaste, it gives you a feeling of freshness. Menthol, in fact, is nothing more than an aroma that leaves you with that fresh taste in your mouth and gives you a hand even with your breath :-)

I also give you this little tidbit: it is precisely the menthol that activates salivation while you are using your Cwash, because as our human body is made when the mouth comes into contact with any aroma, salivation increases.

Xylitol, on the other hand, performs a very important function: it has antibacterial properties. What does it mean?

It limits the growth of bacteria and is, therefore, a very important ingredient when it comes to oral hygiene because it helps prevent tooth decay and plaque.

And in fact, if you have taken a look at the very first clinical trials I was subjected to (if you missed them, you can read them here), prolonged use of your Cwash will also reduce your plaque index. Am I speaking Arabic? Ok, I'll make it simple: reducing plaque means reducing the number of bacteria that are in your mouth with everything that goes with it, as I explained to you some time ago on this page of my diary.

So in addition to being innovative, small, smart, and fast - I remind you that in fact, only 30 seconds are enough - I’m antibacterial too! What more do you want from life?

I swear the next time I’ll write you, it will be a lighter topic.

But if you have any questions, write them to me in the comments and I'll give you all the answers you want!

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